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The Black Spot

Just had to post this picture of our silly cat. I guess he was comfortable, because he sat like this all evening!


We spent last week in Greer at the Fagan family cabin. It was wonderful, except for our annoying cat, who couldn’t decide if he wanted to be inside or outside. Well, I guess he could decide – as soon as he went out, he wanted to come back in; and as soon as he came in, he wanted to go back out. Anyone want a mildly annoying, skittish black cat? (I’m serious!)

Abby had a GREAT time. In case you don’t believe me, here are some pictures to prove it:

Pic 1: Making faces is one of her favorite experiments.

Pic 2: After seeing me make hot chocolate (”coco”), Abby insisted – emphatically I might add – on having a spoon to stir her milk. She sipped a whole glass of milk off her spoon, imitating the way Mommy tested the temperature of the cocoa. For the rest of the day, anything she drank – milk, water, juice – was “coco.”

Pic 3: Running around during a rest stop on the way to Greer.

Pic 4: She LOVED playing in the dirt. There’s something special about the dirt in Greer. It smells better than most dirt, and it is very hard to remove from clothing.

Pic 5: In this picture, she looks just like her daddy did at this age.

Pic 6: Getting a “pony ride.”

Pic 7: I asked her to go stand by the little trees, so she went over and stood there looking at them, with her back to me. Tee, hee.

Pic 8: Abby became fascinated with logs. She learned that logs are trees that have gone “boom.” This is one of the “logs” she found. =)

Pic 9: This outfit is one my mom saved from my childhood. I am so glad she saved some of the things I wore as a kid! Jake called her “jumpsuit” all day. 

Pic 10: Abby and Spot, during one of his braver moments, taking a walk in the woods.

Nothing says I love you…

When Abby and I got home from Utah yesterday, Spot was delighted to see us. When he is really happy to see you, he shows his affection and joy by giving headbutts. If you are not familiar with this mode of feline expression, allow me to explain: the cat approaches, usually purring loudly, and rams his head into whatever part of your body is most easily accessible.

After giving me several of these loving gestures, he turned to Abby to do the same. She did not know what to make of these headbutts the first couple of times, but then decided it was a fun game, so she returned the favor. After receiving a favorable response from Spot, she has since tried to headbutt me, her stuffed animals, and the wall (the latter of which did not give her the most favorable response) =)

The Drive “Home”

After being in Phoenix for only one (very hot) day, we were eager to get back to California. We had a nice drive back to Carlsbad. Abby is the perfect traveler, and Spot was perfectly normal. He even sat on Jake’s lap for much of the trip! To keep myself entertained, I took many, many pictures of Abby. She put on quite a show for the camera. As you can see, she can be quite a ham.

You’d better believe it

Yes, this is what it looks like. Abby is petting Spot’s head, and grabbing his tail, and he doesn’t care one bit. Yesterday, she kicked him in the head, and he only flinched slightly. I can’t get over how normal he has been lately – at least with me and Abby. He still won’t go near Jake. =)

Abby and Spot

For those of you who are not familiar with our cat, Spot, he is in the running for the worlds biggest scaredy cat. He spends most of his time hiding under the bed or the couch, and will only let a select few come near him.

I don’t want to jinx things by saying this, but Spot has been a perfectly normal kitty for two days now. He really enjoys spending time sitting on the balcony (we are on the third floor, so there’s no risk of escape), watching the birds and enjoying the breeze. Right now, he’s hunting a fly.

This morning, the three of us (me, Abby, and Spot) were all out on the balcony, enjoying the beautiful weather. Spot was walking circles around us, and rubbing up against Abby every time he passed. He even let her pet his head!

A day at the park

There is a park about 2 miles away from our apartment that has a nice playground, a large grassy area, and a shaded walking trail. We go 2 or 3 times a week. I snapped some shots yesterday – aren’t they beautiful?

Spot has decided Abby is all right, sometimes. In the mornings, when he is desperate for attention, he will let her get almost within arms reach. She follows him around saying “Spot” (which, at this point, sounds a lot like “hot”).

Abby crawls so well now that she has lost interest in walking. I expect that one of these days she will just stand up and start running. She’s a very determined little person.

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