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May 2012

Jill, Mike, and Haylie came to visit in May. We had a great time, mostly hanging out at home. Thanks, again, for all your help. We miss you!! Matthew, now 1 month old, is smiling and staring at people’s faces. His siblings adore him (as do his parents).

Family Pictures

Mom came down to help, and was a lifesaver! Thanks, Mom!! While she was here, my dear friend kindly took some pictures for us. I am delighted with how they turned out! Thank you, Gladiz!!

January 2012 Recap

January in Arizona is PERFECT! We spent every moment we could outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Highlights include: Abby’s budding art talent (the drawing is of Calvin – of Calvin and Hobbes – when he’s angry), James’ first haircut, and cousin Anya came to visit.

December 2011 Recap

Jake and I got away to San Diego, CA for a delightful “just us” weekend in early December. We, of course, forgot to take any pictures. =)

The kids loved getting ready for Christmas: decorating the tree, visiting Santa (both kids liked him this year!), buying and wrapping presents. Abby asked Santa for a tea set (the only thing she asked anyone for), which he delivered – to her delight.

We spent a few days at a cabin in Williams, AZ enjoying the snow and the cousins. Thanks, OngNoi and BaNoi!

Then, Nana came to visit!! (Jake had to go out of town again, Nana came to help and play!)

November 2011 Recap

Jake did a lot of traveling, for work, in November, so I took the kids to Utah for a couple weeks. The kids loved the airplane, the snow (James was ok just looking at it, but didn’t want to touch it; Abby, obviously, enjoyed every minute she could outside), and the family!

Jake and I took Abby to see the Nutcracker, which we all enjoyed. We played outside a lot. And we found out Baby #3 is a BOY! (Abby was devastated at first, “but I wanted it to be a girl!”), but came to terms with the news and is now looking forward to a second little brother. =)

October 2011 Recap

Highlight of the month: Ben, Jessica, and Cami stayed with us for a month (ish) while Ben did a rotation in Scottsdale. The kids had a blast! (their parents did, too!)

Halloween was a hit. James (a skeleton) thought it was great fun to carry around his trick-or-treat basket. And anytime anyone asked Abby if she was Princess Belle, she’d reply “Well, my real name is Abby.”

The usual

We spend a lot of time at home lately, due to the fact that I am 2 months pregnant and, consequently, am suffering from all-day “morning” sickness. The kiddos have been forced to entertain themselves more than usual, but have been really good sports about it. Now that James is walking, he is perfectly happy to follow Abby around and do whatever she is doing (including, to my slight embarrassment, wearing girly things like crowns and pink hats with matching gloves). Abby loves an audience, and knows just what to do to make James laugh.┬áJames claps every time he does something he thinks is cool (builds a block tower, walks across the room, finishes his milk…). Abby loves to show off the things she has done (artwork, making her bed, dressing up James). Have I mentioned how much I love these two?

Shout out to Nana

My sweet mom (i.e., Nana) came to visit/watch the kids last weekend so I could attend the Arizona Families for Home Education (AFHE) conference. I had a wonderful time, learned a lot, and decided that I am going to homeschool our children. I am really excited about it. I’ll post more on that later. Anyway, the kids had a GREAT time with Nana; I had a GREAT time at the conference – everybody’s happy!

California Trip

We took a family vacation to California to visit family, and enjoy the beautifully cool weather. We had, with a few exceptions (the ones that come to mind involve traffic and sleepless nights), a fabulous time! We swam in the pool; went to the beach in La Jolla with friends; spent a day in San Diego, mostly at the science museum in Balboa Park; enjoyed downtown Temecula; saw a wonderful ballet production of Cinderella that our cousins were in (way to go Sam and Randi!); went to Descanso Gardens with “the girls”; spent another day in San Diego, in Old Town; and spent lots of time with Grandma. A couple of great moments: (1) After the ballet, Abby wanted to meet Cinderella. We had to wait in a long line, because lots of other little girls wanted to meet Cinderella, too. When it was Abby’s turn, she looked up at Cinderella lovingly and asked, “Can I give you a hug?” Cinderella was tickled with the request, and obliged. When she put Abby down again, after a photo or two, Abby just stood and stared, open mouthed, in awe. She had to be dragged away. (she now wants to be Cinderella in a ballet). (2) I took the kids to Old Town San Diego, because I we needed an outing, and I like to shop. =) And we ran into a long-time friend and his family who were also visiting California – from Japan, where he is stationed with the military. It was so fun to catch up, and to see his darling family. A completely unexpected encounter. If you look closely, you can see him, and a few of his kids, in the background of the picture of Abby and James with the cannon.

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