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Meeting new people

Jake’s new boss (for the job he’s starting in September) took us out to dinner last night at the Poseidon in Del Mar. We had a great time getting to know him and his wife. Abby, craning her neck to look up at him (he’s 6′8″), kept making the ”so big” sign. She’s a smart kid! 

Abby’s latest

As I watch Abby grow, I realize more than ever before that when God created us, he gave us unique personalities, traits and gifts. This has been made more clear to me this week through several “events.”

(1) Abby has an affinity for music – she has since birth. If she is fussy or grumpy, I can almost always calm her down or lighten her mood by singing or playing music. Her favorite songs include “If You’re Happy and you Know it,” “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” “Popcorn Popping,” “Row Your Boat,” and anything by Jack Johnson. During Sacrament meeting on Sunday, Abby was staring intently at the conductor and enthusiastically waving her arms in perfect time with the music.

(2) She can say quite a few words now. Her vocabulary includes: mama, mommy, mom (of course), more, Spot (sounds like ‘hot’), hi, no, what, again (sounds like ‘ga’), doggy, and she learned to say “Daddy” this week. I opened the car door to get her out of her carseat a couple days ago, and Jake opened the opposite door to smile at Abby. When she saw him, she smiled, pointed and said “Dad!”

(3) Abby is a very silly little person, and she makes me laugh every day. She has spent a great deal of time this week playing peek-a-boo with herself. She doesn’t care if no one is around to say “boo” when she uncovers her face. In fact, I think it’s being covered up that she finds so funny.  She just sits with a blanket over her face and laughs to (or at) herself.

(4) Abby has an independent streak. If she decides she wants to do something…well, she’s going to do it. This week, she decided she wants to feed herself with a spoon. She sees me and Daddy do it all the time, and she doesn’t want to be left out. She has not figured out, though, how to get the food onto the spoon, so she has improvised her own way of spoon-feeding. She will touch the food with the bottom of the spoon, then (using the same hand that’s grasping the spoon) she’ll pick up the food with her fingers and stick both it and the spoon into her mouth.

(5) A while back, I bought Abby a set of animal finger puppets that she just loves. As she pulls them out of the bag, one by one, and holds them up, I tell her the animal’s name and the noise it makes. Her favorites are tiger (roar), frog (ribbit), and monkey (oh-ah-oh). Yesterday, after I demonstrated the tiger’s roar, she roared back at me. =)

We are so blessed to have such smart, funny, beautiful daughter!!

The Drive “Home”

After being in Phoenix for only one (very hot) day, we were eager to get back to California. We had a nice drive back to Carlsbad. Abby is the perfect traveler, and Spot was perfectly normal. He even sat on Jake’s lap for much of the trip! To keep myself entertained, I took many, many pictures of Abby. She put on quite a show for the camera. As you can see, she can be quite a ham.

Hawkes Family Reunion

We have had a busy month. First, as mentioned in the previous post, we went to Utah for Gma Lee’s birthday bash/Greenfield family reunion; then we headed to Greer, AZ for a Hawkes family reunion/memorial service for David Fagan (Jake’s uncle). 

The memorial service for Uncle David was the most beautiful service I have ever attended. There was a special spirit there. I did not know Uncle David very well, but I was impressed by his intelligence and wit, and his love for his family. 


We have missed spending time with the Hawkes’ gang, as we have been away from home for so long. It was really nice to see everyone. And Abby enjoyed spending time with more aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins. =) 


Gma Lee’s Birthday Bash

We spent the weekend of July 11 in Utah with the Greenfield clan, celebrating Grandma Lee’s 90th birthday. The whole family, except my cousin Kyle, was there. Abby had a particularly good time. She enjoyed playing with her aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins (not necessarily in that order). =) My cousin, Kim, took some beautiful pictures and posted them on her blog (see the link on the right).



We spent the Fourth of July with Grandma Lee and the Miles, and had a great time. Abby loves her cousins, and they’re crazy about her, too. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pics them together. I never had the camera ready at the right moments.

Abby is growing more independent every day. She has been practicing standing up without support. If you try to grab her during “practice,” she will push your hands away and give you a very grumpy look. She is getting taller and is, therefore, able to get into more things. She definitely keeps us on our toes (where did that saying come from, anyway?).

Jake found a new job with a company called Cynergy. He will finish his contract with 24 Hour Fitness here in Carlsbad, then he will telecommute from Arizona, starting in September. We have had a great time moving around, but we are looking forward to being in a more stable situation. It will be nice to settle in back home.

You’d better believe it

Yes, this is what it looks like. Abby is petting Spot’s head, and grabbing his tail, and he doesn’t care one bit. Yesterday, she kicked him in the head, and he only flinched slightly. I can’t get over how normal he has been lately – at least with me and Abby. He still won’t go near Jake. =)


It has been brought to my attention that I failed to mention we are now living in Carlsbad, California. Jake quit his New York job at the beginning of June and took a contract job with 24-hour Fitness for the summer in California. Here’s the full update:

We were in NY for nearly 6 months. We loved it and were sad to leave the area and the friends we made. But, we loaded up the car (we sold our Camry in AZ and bought a Honda CRV back East) and drove–yes, drove–across the country. We actually had a great time. We allowed ourselves a full week to travel, so we were able to take frequent breaks. Abby was the model traveler – she seemed more eager to get into her carseat every day. The only negative was that the air conditioning broke (the condenser exploded) 2 days before we left, and the part was not available to fix. Somehow we survived. =)

We moved to Carlsbad two weeks ago. We are living in an apartment about 2 miles from the beach. The temperature is consistently 77 degrees, with a gentle breeze. It sure beats the Arizona summer heat!

Our current plan is to find a more permanent job in Arizona, or one where Jake can telecommute from AZ, when we return in September.

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