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Red and White

We got Abby an “I (heart) NY” shirt while in New York, but it just now fits her. She looked so cute in her red and white!

Abby had a GREAT time walking between Mommy and Daddy this evening. She shreiked and laughed – so pleased that she was walking all by herself!!

Abby and Daddy

Abby’s favorite word lately (the past two weeks at least) is “Daddy.” She LOVES her daddy. She cries when he leaves for work, then walks around the house saying “da da da,” as if he’s hiding somewhere, waiting to jump out and surprise her.

Now the fun begins

Abby took her first step yesterday evening!!

Nothing says I love you…

When Abby and I got home from Utah yesterday, Spot was delighted to see us. When he is really happy to see you, he shows his affection and joy by giving headbutts. If you are not familiar with this mode of feline expression, allow me to explain: the cat approaches, usually purring loudly, and rams his head into whatever part of your body is most easily accessible.

After giving me several of these loving gestures, he turned to Abby to do the same. She did not know what to make of these headbutts the first couple of times, but then decided it was a fun game, so she returned the favor. After receiving a favorable response from Spot, she has since tried to headbutt me, her stuffed animals, and the wall (the latter of which did not give her the most favorable response) =)

The Greenfields

Abby, Jake and I went to Utah two weekends ago for Grandma & Grandpa Jewett’s 50th anniversary party. Jake had to return to California to work, but Abby and I stayed for almost two weeks. Abby loved having so many people around. And we all enjoyed her antics.

Funny Faces

I snapped this series of pictures over the course of about a minute. She’s very expressive, isn’t she?

Abby’s First Birthday

Abby turned one on Aug. 11. We had a nice party up in Utah with my family. She had her first taste of chocolate cake, and loved it (as you can see).

The daily grind

I snapped a few shots of things Abby does every day, so you can get an idea of what our average day is like. 

1. Just about the first thing Abby does in the morning is crawl over to her toy cubbies and pull everything out. She’ll play with a few things, then hand me a book (usually, “llama, llama red pajama”). We will read it together, then she’ll play some more. If I try to put things away, she immediately pulls them out again.

2. Abby loves the computer (anything with a screen, really – cell phone, iPod, etc – she got that from her Daddy) . I used to be able to check my email while she played with her toys. Not anymore. If I sit down in the desk chair, she crawls over and up into my lap, where she happily bangs on the keyboard and plays with the mouse. 

3. We went to Balboa Park (in San Diego) last weekend. Abby loved playing in the grass and watching all the people. (Ok, we don’t do this every day. But we do try to get out of the house on some sort of outing every day. I could have taken a picture of us at the grocery store, but, well, I didn’t).

4. I hold Abby’s pacifier in my mouth this way, for easy access. She decided if Mommy does it that way, she should too.

5. Abby loves to show off. If she’s doing something she thinks is wonderful, she’ll look around to make sure you’re watching. If you aren’t, she will hold up whatever she has in her hands and make lots of noise until you do look. (In this case, she wanted her Daddy to notice she had the baby monitor). Once she has your attention, she’ll smile and laugh and sometimes clap her hands.

A big goof

Here are a few pictures of Abby being goofy.

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