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We met some friends at the park today. The kids weren’t very interested in playing with each other, but it was nice for us moms to share some time and conversation for an hour or so. As you can see, they both enjoyed the bubbles very much!

Oh! Abby learned to turn around in a circle yesterday. She’s been doing it all day. She also learned to march (not sure where from) and to walk backwards. She is very proud of herself (as she should be).

Funny girl

Pic 1: We went to the zoo this week. Abby was only interested in the animals if they were moving — the zebras were her favorite this time. She enjoyed walking around looking at various plants and rocks. She found a boulder near the owl exhibit and played with/near it for a long time. Silly girl!

Pic 2: We had some dividend dollars at REI, so we bought Abby this little camping chair. Isn’t it cute?! She loves sitting in it and swinging her legs.

Pic 3: Abby has taken to walking like this–with her head turned to the side–when she’s trying to be sneaky or pretending to be shy.

Pic 4: We installed a new ceiling fan this week and Abby is fascinated with it. She loves to pull the cords to turn the light/fan on and off.


Abby and I went up to Utah for a week in earlier this month. We had a great time with my family!! For some reason I can’t explain, I didn’t take any pictures of us with my family (except Abby and Grandpa dancing together). Be warned, family, next time we come to visit, I’m going to have my camera out!

While in Utah, Abby learned to rock herself in the little rocking chair, to slither downstairs on her tummy, and to jump on the mini trampoline. She said “flower” and “pumpkin” (or something similar). She became very fond of Tickle Me Elmo and Papa Bear. And she showered Nana & Grandpa, Grandma & Grandpa, Aunt Kate, Aunt Jill, and Uncle Mike with hugs, kisses, and smiles.

Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful time!!


The Hawkes family has a lot of fall birthdays! To celebrate Kiki’s birthday, the family (most of us) got together for a picnic at the park. The kids had a great time playing on the slides and in the grass. Abby LOVED digging in the sand with a shovel (notice she’s wearing pearls, silly girl).


We went to two Halloween parties tonight! Abby looked darling as a ladybug. She added a string of pearls to make being a bug more glamourous. =) I went as a flower (goes with a ladybug, right?), and Jake went as… guess who?

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