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Abby has a few fetishes. Here are pictures of a few:

Pic 1: Fetish – She loves dragging things around the house, usually dish towels or clothes, but in this case, a long string of paper (which had the added benefit of entertaining Spot).

Pic 2: Fetish – hat wearing: Daddy’s hat

Pic 3: Fetish – hat wearing: Mommy’s hat

Pic 4: Abby is starting to assert her independence, and as a result, I have seen this look more frequently. It’s the one that says, “I know I’m not supposed to be doing this, but I’m doing it anyway. What are you going to do about it?”

Pic 5: Fetish – hat wearing: Mommy’s hat

Pic 6: Fetish – hat wearing: Mommy’s hat on Lodi (he is such a good sport!). 

Pic 7: Reading in the closet. She loves books! When she wakes in the morning, she wants to stay in her crib and read books to herself.

Pic 8: At the zoo. She got very excited about the little stream running under this bridge.

Pic 9: Fetish – gloves. If she sees a glove, she insists on wearing it. I got her a set of mittens, and she loves them! Look how pleased she is!

Too cool

Abby now realizes when something is upside down, and hurries to right it (but not before I snapped this shot).

As mentioned in the previous post, she loves doggy kisses. Lodi is always happy to oblige.

She enjoys “talking” on the phone. She now looks puzzled if no one is talking to her when she’s holding the phone.

She walked around the house yesterday wearing Daddy’s hat, with an “I’m too cool!” expression on her face (which she perfected in the hall mirror before strutting around the house).

Busy, busy, busy

Abby bounces from one activity to another, to another, to another, pausing only to eat. She has decided, to Mommy’s dismay, she no longer needs a daytime nap. Here, in pictures, are some of the latest activities that fill her day.

Pic 1: She likes to find things to sit on; in this case, the Roomba. The box of wipes is another favorite seat. The stroller and her actual kid-sized chair come in third and fourth.

Pic 2: She LOVES shoes. She likes to look at them, try them on, and drag them around the house.

Pic 3: She likes petting the dogs and cat. Lodi enjoys giving her “kisses”, which she wrinkles her nose at, then goes back for more.

Pic 4: She insists on wearing necklaces, and on this particular day, she insisted on wearing her hat around, too.

Pic 5: She loves to “wear” clothes that are not hers – in this case, Mommy’s pajama pants.

Pic 6: Yes, she is wiping the floor with a washcloth. No, she is not used as slave labor. She picked this up from Mommy, who is always wiping things.

Pic 7: Guess what she found to play with? (If you can’t guess, it’s toilet paper – she unfurled half the roll. We now have to keep it out of her reach).

Zoo day

We had a nice time at the zoo yesterday with some friends. We went, unknowingly but fortunately, at feeding time, so most of the animals were out and active. Abby’s favorites were the orangutans, the flamingos, and the ducks. My favorites were orangutans, the hornbills, and the ostrich. In addition to seeing animals, Abby helped me push the stroller around (a now-favorite activity she picked up from cousin Anya), ate french fries (a special treat we get every time we go to the zoo), and made interesting patterns in the dirt with her fingers.


Jake and I felt under the weather today, so we spent the day at home resting–which is hard to do with a little one running around. Here are some of today’s highlights:

Pics 1 – 3: Obviously Abby enjoys bath time (all but the shampooing part, when she tries to climb out of the tub to get away from the water pouring down her face and back). She LOVES splashing the water. I especially like pic 2 – I asked her to smile, and this is what she did.

Pic 4: We walked up and down the hallway for 10 minutes with Abby parading around in my shoes. She would stop in front of the mirror at the end of the hallway each time to admire herself.

Pic 5: Look at all those beautiful teeth!! She has all her baby teeth now. Wow!

By the way, Abby had her 15 month checkup this week. She weighs 18 lbs 1.5 oz (which puts her in the low 3 percent, relative to other kids her age), and she is 30 inches tall. The doctor said she’s perfect, but we already knew that! =)


We had a delightful Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad Hawkes’ house. It was crazy, but lots of fun, with all the kids running around. They all got along well, and enjoyed sharing each others’ toys and company.

Late nights

After missing her afternoon nap (at her own insistence), Abby decided to go to bed at 5 pm on Tuesday evening. The consequence was that she woke up, bright eyed and ready to play, at 2:30 in the morning. Even the dogs, who usually love any excuse to get excited, were not eager to be awake. You can imagine how Mommy felt…


Abby’s hair is FINALLY long enough to put into a ponytail on top of her head. Sometimes she leaves it alone, and sometimes she insists on removing it. Yes, I know it looks a bit silly; but you have to admit, it’s kinda cute, too. =)

Photo Shoot

My sister, Jill (a photographer) took some pictures of Abby in my parents’ backyard in Utah. These are just a few of my favorites. Thanks, Jill!!

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