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Before Abby was born, I came up with this wonderful idea of decorating her room with murals/plaques of animals. My artistically talented sister, Jill, and my gifted Mom (in-law, if we’re being technical) spent a long weekend bringing my idea to life. It turned out much better than I had imagined it would (thank you Jill and Mom!!); however, we only got enough done to hang on three of the four walls. I recently decided to finish the fourth wall. Mom sketched most of them (I did the snake), but I painted them, and I think for a non-artist I did pretty well. (They look better hanging on the wall than they do sitting on top of this dresser).

I am also in the process of painting a kid-size table and chairs Abby got for Christmas. I’ll post pictures when I’m done\. Also in my queue of projects is a quilt for Abby’s big-girl bed (to which, I hope, she will soon graduate), and a couple sets of curtains. Wish me luck!!

Personal Hygiene is Very Important

Two of Abby’s favorite things to do are brush her teeth and take baths. She gets to sit on the counter to brush her teeth and rinse her toothbrush, and even gets to use a bit of toothpaste (boo-paste). This has worked out well for Mommy, who is now able to take her time applying her makeup and doing her hair while Abby brushes.

Abby started stringing words together this week. Her first multi-word phrase was “No bark!” directed, of course, at the dogs who too often bark when they are outside (resulting in Mommy yelling “No barking!” – the only time I yell, by the way). Other funny phrases have followed. Today’s included: diaper, no, yucky; and glasses off!

My favorite moment this week was when we got out the Friend magazine to read a story. I opened it to the First Presidency message, by Elder Henry B. Eyring. Abby noticed his picture, pointed at it, and said, “Grandpa!” (For those of you who have never met my dad, he looks quite a bit like Elder Eyring). I laughed heartily over that one. Dad, of course, was tickled.

Abby and Anya

Ted, Elizabeth, and Anya moved to Texas this week. We had a big family going-away party for them on Saturday, and these two girls had great fun playing together. Since then, Abby has often been caught several times walking around the house, hugging Anya’s picture and repeatedly saying her name. 

Pictures – Worth 1000 Words

I’ll let these pictures speak for themselves.


Abby loves the outdoors, and has learned to say “walk” very clearly when she wants to go outside. We spent most of our walk today on the front porch, giving kisses and hugs to the iron-work bugs and birds sitting in the otherwise empty flowerpots. The last picture is of Abby’s “fake crying” face. I see this face a lot lately, whenever she doesn’t get her way.

A few pictures

Pic 1: We had a “teddy bear picnic” this week with some friends. What a great idea (it wasn’t mine)!!

Pic 2: Big smiles!

Pic 3: Abby discovered the joy of a big pile of leaves. She went at this pile with unchecked enthusiasm.

PIc 4: Abby changing the bunny’s diaper. Tee, hee!

Abby’s new words this week include: box (as in mailbox), walk, bounce, snack (sa-k), lunch (lu-ch), bear, monkey (munk), milk (moo-k), book (boo-k), car, amen (men – says it very proudly at the end of almost every prayer!), Abby!! (she points at herself when she says it), Hawkes!!, cake, out, cheese, hugs, kiss, chair, movie (moo-fs). 

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