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Katie, Abby, and I drove to California to visit relatives. Ben and Jessica, on summer break from Medical School, were visiting CA, so we decided to join them! (As an aside, Ben got *almost* straight A’s his first year – yay Ben!!) Besides Ben and Jess, we were able to visit several aunts and uncles, and Grandma, of course (we stayed at her house). She loved being the center of attention everywhere we went.

We also visited the beach. Last time we went, Abby was not interested in touching the sand or the water. This trip, she really enjoyed playing in the sand – though you can see she’s a bit worried about where her feet went when Ben buried them. She wanted nothing to do with the ocean, however. I carried her down to the water to see if she’d like to dip her toes in, but she clung to me more tightly with each consecutive wave. She’d yell “sand! sand!” and point toward our umbrella. Funny girl!

Jess taught Abby to give “thumbs up!” Too cute! Thanks, Jess!

She very much enjoyed playing with Katie’s hair on the drive home. Thanks, Kate, for being such a good sport!


Anya (and her parents, of course!) came to visit from Texas. She and Abby enjoyed an afternoon together. As you can tell, they love each other. =)

Pics 1 – 3: Abby and Anya together.

Pic 4: One of Abby’s latest tricks – balancing on the crib rail. 

Pic 5: Abby is very good at sharing. The dogs enjoy this characteristic, especially when food is involved.


I know I’ve been a blog slacker this month. Hopefully you will forgive me when you see these cute pictures of Abby, and her relations. =)

We spent a delightful week-and-a-half with my family in Utah at the beginning of June. It was so green and beautiful! Abby loved taking walks and pointing out the different colors of flowers.


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