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Busy, busy, busy

Abby is always quick to point out when I am busy doing something. She also lets me know when she is busy. We have both had a busy week: We went to church, reorganized Abby’s bedroom and the play room, played Rock Band with friends, went to the zoo with friends, tried on new combinations of clothes, and enjoyed a play date with two of her best buddies. It’s nice to be busy!


We spend a delightful week in Utah with my family. We went hiking in Big Cottonwood Canyon, visited the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point, , ate peaches pears and tomatoes (Abby’s favorite) from Nana and Grandpa’s garden, went to the State Fair (where Abby got to ride a pony for the first time!), enjoyed the beautiful weather, and generally had a wonderful time!!┬áHere are some pictures to prove it!

I’m So Funny!

I was doing chores yesterday, and left Abby alone in the bedroom for a minute. When I came back, she was nowhere to be found – so I went looking for her in the usual places. My first stop was the bathroom. I didn’t see her there, so I exited the room, calling out her name as I left. I immediately heard a giggle coming from the bathroom. Upon closer inspection, I found Abby hiding behind the shower curtain. She was very pleased with herself for tricking Mommy.

By the way, her funny hairdo in this picture was per her request. She brought me three “ponies” to put in her hair, and told me where to put each one (one on top and one on each side). She looked like a character out of a Dr Seuss book, and she was very happy about it.

A Week in Greer

We spent last week in Greer, to escape the Phoenix heat and enjoy the cool mountain air. Some highlights of our trip include:

Abby’s first time behind the steering wheel. She liked it. A lot.

Abby brought her bucket along on every walk we took, so she could gather “treasures,” which were mainly pine needles.

We decorated ourselves with stickers one blustery afternoon.

Abby ate her first smore. She hates marshmallows (due to an unfortunate bout of stomach flu following a marshmallow roast last spring), but she liked the idea of eating a graham cracker sandwich.

We enjoyed a beautiful morning at Lee Valley Reservoir. We saw herons and ducks. Abby’s favorite part was throwing rocks in the lake. Lodi’s favorite part was trying to catch the rocks she (and Jake) threw in the lake. I have never seen happier dogs! Just as we started our picnic, it started hailing – out of nowhere – and we had to run to the nearest tree for cover.

Abby LOVED playing in the dirt, throwing rocks, gathering “logs” (small sticks and twigs), and smelling flowers. I love this picture of her smirking with a dirt smear on her face.

Our last day in Greer, we went to River Lake. We saw a beaver dam, walked across a field so covered in honey bees you could feel the ground buzzing, and had a lovely picnic by the river.

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