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The Black Spot

Just had to post this picture of our silly cat. I guess he was comfortable, because he sat like this all evening!

Abby, creating

My Abby is turning out to be a creative, inventive artist. These are a few of my favorite pics from the past week:

1: She LOVES to draw. She spends a solid 2 hours a day just drawing.

2: Taking a break from creating. Isn’t she the cutest?! By the way, she carries these two pigs around with her everywhere.

3: Triceratops! I put 2 ponytails in her hair for church, and she insisted on a third, on top and right in the middle. I took a picture, and when she’s old enough to ask me “Mom, why on earth did you do that to me?” I can respond, “I didn’t dear. You insisted.” =)

4: Notice how she holds her pen perfectly! Also, she favors her left hand.

5: One of her favorite sitting spots.

6: I took her to the Temple one beautiful afternoon. Her favorite song lately is “I love to see the Temple,” and anytime she sees anything resembling a Temple (a church, a castle…) she identifies it as a Temple. Her favorite things were the fountains and the stairs.

7: She’s working toward being a Picasso.

8: I am taking an emergency training class, and just got my emergency gear. Abby thinks it’s the greatest, especially the goggles!! This is her, posing purposefully for the camera. Don’t you love her belt? I found it in the little boys department. She’s between sizes right now, so the belt is a (cute, yet goofy-looking) necessity.

Creative Kid

Abby is getting more coordinated, more talkative, and more creative every day. Here are some examples.

Pic 1: Abby and her best friend, Sammy, at his birthday party last week. They had another play date this week and they decided, all by themselves, to play hide-and-go-seek.

Pic 2: My grandma gave me this doll when I was a little girl. Abby loves to brush her hair, change her clothes (read: have mommy change dolly’s clothes), and put her to bed.

Pic 3: Her new favorite hiding place is between the couch’s back cushions and the back of the couch. If she lies down, you can barely tell she’s there (at least that’s what she thinks!)

Pic 4: She likes to pick out her own clothes. The shades really tie this ensemble together!

Pic 5: Abby loves to draw!! Her favorite things to draw are sharks. This is a shark inside a shark. In case you don’t see it – the circles are the body, the squiggles are the fins, and the dots are the eyes.

Pic 6: Abby’s description of this picture: “Zigzags and sharks.”

Pic 7: First time using tempera paints with a paintbrush. She prefers using a pen or pencil because she likes to focus on the details. I’ll try to get a picture of her in the process of creating. (Every time I pull out the camera to get a shot, she stops what she’s doing to come see what I’m doing)

Playing Around

Abby has been very interested lately in wearing Mommy’s shirts (she started out trying Daddy’s shirts on, but they were too big and she kept tripping, so she downsized). I decorated this T-shirt with my grandma when I was about 10 years old. It’s Abby’s favorite. She also enjoys wearing the pink and brown shirt because, in her words, it looks “like a dress.”

We bought Abby this T-Rex because she showed an affinity for dinosaurs at a friend’s house. She carries Rex around with her everywhere, and even feeds him. I love the look on her face!!

Abby has been throwing more fits lately, usually when she’s not getting enough undivided attention from Mommy. After being told this morning to “find something else to do for just a minute while Mommy finishes this one thing,” she wandered into the kitchen, prostrated herself on the floor, and commenced bawling. Like a good, caring mother, I laughed and fetched the camera to document the occasion. *sigh*

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