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People we love

We were able to visit with some of our favorite people this month. Abby and Sammy got to spend two whole afternoons together – one at the park and one at the museum – and had a marvelous time! We spent several fun evenings with Audrey & Kiki. And Nana came to visit for a long, delightful weekend. We love you all!

“Abby do it!”

I hear this phrase a lot lately. Abby is becoming very independent and wants to do everything she can all by herself. She sleeps in a “big girl bed,” chooses her clothes and dresses herself (can you tell from the pictures which is her favorite dress?) My favorite clothing combination so far is the one she insisted on wearing when we went out with friends: green dress (a necessity), purple coat, rainbow striped pants, and pink cowboy boots. Awesome!

She gets it

Abby and I stopped to browse in the baby department at Target today. I found a couple of cute little boy outfits. [An aside: People always say boys clothes aren't as cute as girls clothes, but I don't agree. You just have to look a bit harder to find them.] My helpful Abby pulled several pink, sparkly, flowery things off the racks, and brought them to me (one at a time), saying, “This is for my little brother!” How cute is that?! I love being a Mom!


Pic 1: So the other day, we went to the park (this is Abby in the outfit she picked out). On the way home, she wrapped her jacket around her head, so she couldn’t see and had to stop to keep from tripping. I asked what she was doing. She said, “I’m hiding from the sun.”

Pic 2: I left Abby alone for 2 minutes with her watercolor paints. When I came back, she looked up at me (with green hands, lips, and tongue) and says, “Mommy, I don’t eat paint.” Of course.

“I’m holding the Mountain on my hand”

We went hiking this weekend in the Superstition mountains. This is what Abby said, as she was throwing rocks on one of our hiking breaks. I love how well she can express herself.

Abby’s favorite part was riding in the backpack. My favorite part was the weather. =)

Mischief Makers

Pic 1: Abby is a great helper, and especially loves helping me bake. Here she is, enjoying the fruits (or chocolate) of our labors.

Pic 2: Two of my mischief makers, taking a break from making mischief.

Pic 3: I’ve learned that if I leave Abby alone for any length of time, she finds something to do on her own. This “something” was applying copious amounts of lotion…to her hair.

Pic 4: Abby and Martie, her best little girl friend, at the Phoenix Zoo.

Survey Says…

We found out today — we’re having a boy! We’re so excited!!

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