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Welcome James Daniel Hawkes!

Born Wednesday, June 16, 2010 at 5:22 a.m. Weighing 7 lbs 11 oz, 19 inches long.

Temporary permanance

After returning from Utah, we decided to rent an apartment for a few months, while we wait on the house to close / be remodeled. We found a fully furnished apartment overlooking a lake, and we love it! We are close to family, but don’t feel like we’re imposing on anyone (except Mom and Dad Hawkes, who still have our animals – thank you!!)

My doctor says I could have the baby any day now. I’m hoping to close on the house before that happens. Wish us luck!

Visiting Utah

Abby and I were able to spend almost a month in Utah with my family (Jake flew back and forth a bit, due to his work schedule). We had a great time with family, and the weather was beautiful!! There was a freak snow storm while we were there. It dumped 2 inches of snow in the early morning, and was melted away by the afternoon. Abby LOVED making “print foots” in the snow, and throwing snowballs.

We went on several fun outings: to the aquarium (with Jill, Mike, Katie, & Hyrum), to the duck pond (with Jill), to the park to fly kites (with Grandpa), shopping (with Nana). Abby got to go on several outings without Mommy, too: hiking up the canyon, picking out seeds and plants for the garden at the nursery, going on many walks, playing at the park, etc. Thanks, everyone, for a wonderful time! We miss you!

Visiting Tempe

These are some cute ones I took during our stay in Tempe, with Mom and Dad (Hawkes). Thanks, Mom and Dad, for putting up with us and all our critters (in various arrangements) for all these months.

Still in limbo

We STILL have not closed on our new house yet, though I’m told we’re getting close. We were supposed to close April 15th, but, for many reasons, things have been pushed back.

Since our last post (long, long ago – sorry!), we have been traveling and visiting family. Our first trip was to Portal, AZ to visit Grandma Marge and Grandpa Bob. We had a wonderful time! We took many walks, did art projects, saw many javalinas, and enjoyed time with Gma, Gpa, Uncle Barry, and Aunt Penny.

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