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Abby is, and has been for a month now, FULLY POTTY TRAINED!!! We are, as you can imagine, ecstatic about this, and have been rewarding her for this most-desireable behavior. This week’s prize was a trip to the Children’s Museum. They had a Peanuts exhibit, and the kids LOVED it. My favorite moment was watching James play the replica of Schroeder’s piano. Awesome!

The usual

We spend a lot of time at home lately, due to the fact that I am 2 months pregnant and, consequently, am suffering from all-day “morning” sickness. The kiddos have been forced to entertain themselves more than usual, but have been really good sports about it. Now that James is walking, he is perfectly happy to follow Abby around and do whatever she is doing (including, to my slight embarrassment, wearing girly things like crowns and pink hats with matching gloves). Abby loves an audience, and knows just what to do to make James laugh.┬áJames claps every time he does something he thinks is cool (builds a block tower, walks across the room, finishes his milk…). Abby loves to show off the things she has done (artwork, making her bed, dressing up James). Have I mentioned how much I love these two?

A birthday

Abby turned 4 in August. She wanted a princess party, but she also wanted to invite mostly boys to her party; so we decided on a princesses and knights theme. The kids made crowns and/or shields, went on a treasure hunt to find wands/swords, ate strawberry cupcakes (Abby requested pink cupcakes, BaNoi obliged!), and opened gifts. James LOVED the cupcakes so much, he tried to fit one in his mouth whole.  Love these two!

New skills

I know it’s been a month since I posted last, and in the life of a one year old, a month is nearly a lifetime. James has acquired, and improved on, several new skills: He walks (wow!), he talks [dad, bottle (ba ba), drink (dink), dog, puppy, bubble, and shoe]; and he discovered that his pointer finger fits perfectly in his nostril (thankfully this new skill was only practiced for a few days, then forgotten for other cooler things, like walking).

Abby has been busy playing in the rain, whenever the occasional storm blows through; helping Mommy cook and bake; playing with James (she loves that he can walk now – he follows her everywhere she goes).; and learning to read. She knows all the letters, all their sounds, and enjoys reading short words. The other day, out of the blue, she said “mommy, this says book says ‘kitten’.” It is so cool to see the lightbulb come on in a child’s mind!

We had some friends stay with us last month (you know who you are – and we love you! please come visit again soon!) Abby LOVES her little friend, and imitated everything she did – down to picking out the same outfit. Love good friends!

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