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Baby Comparisons

Here’s a comparison of what our kids looked like (newborn to 1 month), just for kicks! The first set is Abby, the second is James, the third is Matthew.

House Improvements

We finally poured a driveway slab and sidewalk to the front door. We love how it turned out. Now people know where our front door is!!

Also, we discovered a beehive in one of the eaves of our roof. The beekeeper nearly filled a 10 gallon bucket with honeycomb and bees (africanized – yippee!) Glad to have them gone!

May 2012

Jill, Mike, and Haylie came to visit in May. We had a great time, mostly hanging out at home. Thanks, again, for all your help. We miss you!! Matthew, now 1 month old, is smiling and staring at people’s faces. His siblings adore him (as do his parents).

Family Pictures

Mom came down to help, and was a lifesaver! Thanks, Mom!! While she was here, my dear friend kindly took some pictures for us. I am delighted with how they turned out! Thank you, Gladiz!!

New Arrival

Matthew Thomas Hawkes – born April 15, 2012. 8 lbs 12 oz, 21 inches long.

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